Monday, October 13, 2008

Mr. Slug starts his day

Welcome to a new day with your exciting host, the one, the only, Mr. Slug!

Aren't you glad you are here to enjoy another day that you too may slide upon your slick belly and experience life as it is meant to be enjoyed - slow and easy! Wagging your tail every slide of the way!

You may be wondering who this Mr. Slug thinks he is....Mr. Slug is the name of the cartoon that I draw for my husband, on a napkin, every morning, to put in to his lunch box along with his peanut butter and jelly sandwich, bag of corn chips, can of mandarin oranges and Little Debbie Snack Cake product of his choice, usually a Zebra Cake. I put a ziplock full of vegetables which sometimes returns with the lunch. He also gets a Thermos of hot coffee.

You are being introduced to Mr. Slug before you see him, so that I may build the proper tension and suspense in your imagination. He is a handsome chap, and his wife, the Mrs. Slug, loves her husband slug very much to get up out of a deep sleep to make the coffee and start drawing first thing in the morning. I have estimated that there are about 3 years worth of slug cartoons in my colloection that were retrieved from my husbands glove box in the car or have been saved every morning as I exchange the slugs for new drawings. The slugs that you will soon see will be from the early collection so that you may appreciate the development of this fine creature and his cohorts over a period of time. That is, once I figure out how to transfer the various drawings from the napkins to this blog. It is enough for you to know they exist at this juncture. I see that you are intrigued! Good! Excellent! I am pleased with your interest. Keep checking this blog to see if Mrs. Slug is able to work the computer with her tail and bring the adventures of Mr. Slug and his Friends to your home or office - you will be glad you did. Until then, have a fun and prosperous day ahead.


tamgirl said...

Hello my dearest friend! I am sooo excited to read about "Mr. Slug" and his adventures with his many friends! Horray!

tam said...

Hi Barb! You've been Boo"ed! Lol! Visit my blog and see what I'm talkin about-it's a good thing! If you need help let me know I wil be glad to walk you through how to post it. Looking forward to hearing from ya-hope your trip was a good one! call or write when you get a chance!
Love Ya Girl! :P