Saturday, November 8, 2008

Home is where the hearth is

One of the reasons Mrs. Slug fell in love with Mr. Slug is that he took the time to read to her during courtship. Mr. Slug has a wonderfully resonant voice that will send Mrs. Slug into a dreamlike state almost instantly! Mrs. Slug loves the fact that Mr. Slug will continue to read even if Mrs. Slug seems to be asleep. To his surprise, Mrs. Slug can often recite the passages that he was reading to her, even after he knows she was sound asleep. Amazing!

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tam said...

I am so happy that Mr. Slug is okay.
What a sweet life the Sluggy's have! I am enjoying reading about this couple's adventure!!! I can't wait to read more!!!
Thank You for sharing!
~Guess who?
Duh I know you know it's Tam :)
And hey you need to post your bloggy award I gave you-jusy call me if you need help?
Bunches of groovy love!