Saturday, November 8, 2008

Micromanagement and you

Mr. Slug takes safety seriously. He does not condone the use of propane stoves indoors, and he does not recommend the unsafe warming of the tail. If you have climbed in to a microwave, then do as Mr. Slug says, "Get out of there!" If you are going to defy his safety recommendations, at least take off your jewlery first.


ash-hole said...

First off let me say thank-you for the comment you left. Second, I love your cartoons. I commented on this one because it reminded me on show I like to watch called "should I microwave this?" They do not mic. slugs or living things but it is still entertaining to watch. I noticed that the are all written on paper towels... is there a reason or not? Just wondering. Happy blogging!

babbler said...

Thank you for your comment! Yes, there is a reason the slugs are all drawn on napkins...I started them by writing on my husband's lunch napkin. He returns them to me, sometimes with a smudge of peanut butter. I have hundreds of them. I tried to draw them on regular paper, but the ideas do not come as freely as they do on something that is usually thrown away. As a real estate broker, I have seen parts of contracts written on napkins, so I enjoy the media tremendously. Thanks again for viewing, I will include some new posts especially for you - I have some "Slug Inventions" you will enjoy!