Friday, December 26, 2008

Eight arms make for light work, as well as a tasty dinner!

Although it has been somewhat chilly of late, we have been blessed to have some decent rainy weather here at the coast while other parts of the country remain in either a deep freeze or getting severe weather alerts from the convergence of the warm and cold fronts hitting each other. Thank goodness for the little things....Santa has come and gone safely. Everything was as it should be, so,....the carefree slugs decided to go out and see a movie. They originally slid out to see the new comedy starring actor Slim Scary called "Yes, Slug." Somehow they ended up seeing just the opposite! Mr. Slug insisted on an action flick. Mrs. Slug warned Mr. Slug that he might have nightmares if they go to see this particular movie. It is called, "Octogantua devours the swamp!" AAGGGHHHH! Scared ya, didn't I? Well, it certainly scared Mr. Slug! He drank three full mugs camomille tea to calm his jittery tail! O.K., maybe it was a LITTLE bit cold out there.


tam said...

I love the drive in's! Sooo nastalgic! And how romantic for the Slug's too!
We did get our power back on early this morning-thank goodness! And a carpenter came out to take a look at the damage and write up an estimate. They boarded up the broken slider door and put up a even bigger tarp then the one we had. So we will be much warmer tonight-thanks for the nice comment! Have a terrific weekend! :) Loves~Tam!

QM said...

Thank u for your comment(:
it means a lot to me.

I absolutely adore your comics on the napkins. It's ah-mazing! You're a real fun going person, I can tell.

Please do drop by and tell me what you think of my blog posts(;


Ripple (VJ) said...

Thanks Babbler...

I was trying to locate your Email but didn't get..

You are welcome to India.. In case you need any details check out for detailed information...

You can also contact me for any details :-)

+ VJ

llo said...

Thanks too for your message.
I don't sppek very well English so it's difficult to me to read all your blog.
But i like so much your paper and pictures. Easy and simple: all what i want.
Thanks thanks thanks.
See you soon?

Teri C said...

You really have such a cute thing going here with these slugs who have personality plus!