Thursday, December 25, 2008

Santa must have had fun getting this down the chimney!

Mrs. Slug was delighted with her Christmas gift, as Mr. Slug suspected that she would be. The only trouble with it was that I think Mr. Slug would have preferred to relax inside the house on Christmas day, whereas Mrs. Slug was ready to RIDE!!

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tam said...

Hi Mr. and Mrs. Slug! We had more snow today if you can believe it! And no power since 1:30 am. It was off earlier in the night then back on then off again and still no power! It is almost 6 pm -Gene just got us a generator so here I am online! We cooked Christmas dinner in dutch ovens in the fireplace! Yummy! What a memorable Christmas! Fun was had by all-even when the giant tree branch fell through the roof and cieling in the master bedroom and broke through the sliding glass door too! What a day! WHEW! It's going to be a very LONG COLD night if they don't get our power restored soon!
Have fun with the new wheels Sluggy's! Much Love~Tam and the Hoffman gang!