Sunday, February 15, 2009

Reapply the sunscreen before falling asleep on the Lido Deck

They won! They won BIG! Yay! Mr. and Mrs. Slug have had a run of good luck! Mr. Slug says, "When you are on a roll, just go with it. Cash those winning tickets in as soon as possible, and don't forget to bring your swim suit. Oh yeah - if your wife falls asleep in her lounge chair, you better wake her up before she is visibly pink and her tender slug skin is sunburned. Your fabulous streak of luck could be in danger if you do not follow the proper guidelines on the cruiseline."


lagirl said...

Let's see here, there's swimming, lounging, and watching others mate. It sounds like a good day to me!! LOL

mama's smitten said...

Yay! Way to go ! Don't think I have ever won anything!! Sounds like a real treat ! Minus the sunburn!