Sunday, June 7, 2009

This is one class where a crush on the teacher is a very bad thing...

Due to popular demand, (of one reader) I am compelled to supply all of my gentle readers with an introductory course on the basic anatomy of a slug. It pleases me to know that there is such an interest! Please reveiw the study material provided, you will be tested on this information.
HEY! You slugs! Yes you! In the back row! Pay attention!
Keep those optic tentacles on your own test as cheating will not be tolerated. NOW, repeat after me. "Garden Slugs are your Friends, as they are both beautiful and well-intentioned....."


Buskitten said...

Good Morning mrs Sluggette!
They sure are one large stomach on a foot! Every morning when I go out to say hello to my beans, the Scottish Sluggsville Company has munched the flippin' lot! I have sad little stalks sticking up with the yummy, juicy leaves munched by sluggers! I actually couldn't kill a slug with horrible pellets or anything, so I just let them do it - although there is an eggshell trick which i could try. I have extra plants in reserve! Hope yopu are well, Mrs Slug! xx

Roxana said...


sorry, can't say anything meaningful right now, i am laughing too hard!


a lovely summer day for you, dear Mrs. Slug!

Cherrie said...

I am well informed.
Thank you, Have a great day!

Owen said...

Dear Mrs Slug,
I am truly fascinated now, with this new insight into the complex biology of the soleolifera... truly amazing. I don't know how much their brains weigh, or if a brain is even a component of their nervous system, but you slugs certainly go about your nocturnal business with an incredible sense of industriousness and purpose, as you track down, the slug-god only knows how, all those crisp lettuce leaves in peoples' gardens after they've only just sprouted. And as Buskitten mentioned above, her beans as well.

So thank you profoundly for this charming anatomy 101, I'll be back for the advanced course, I assure you, with pencil sharpened.

And one can only be impressed by the huge generosity of the slug race toward humans, because when you think about it, it can only be by sheer magnanimity that humans are left any lettuce or beans or spinach or other green leafy plants to eat at all... so a hearty thank you to the slug family and all your brethren slugs in the world !

Owen said...

PS, almost missed it, oh yes, no "crush" for the teacher, unless it was to offer her an "Orange Crush" in case she was thirsty.

But then, if she wore the slug protective clothing (once it is through the design and production process) there would be less worry about being "crushed"... so no, no crush on the teacher no matter how curvilineous her optical tentacles and how shimmering the slime around her mantle ! LOL ! :-D

SILVER said...

Hi Mrs Slug.. oh, do i have to ? (repeat after you..on garden slugs..)
don't suppose i should tell you what i do when i see 'em after rain in my garden, huh?


Teri and the cats of Furrydance said...

I never knew..I just said ewww. I will try to be more open minded from here on out

Margaret Pangert said...

Excellent lecture, professor! However, my husband--nihilist that he is--had this to say, "Garden slugs are NOT our friends! They want to eat all the vegetables we plant: a little salt seems to do the slug-disappearing trick." Sigh. Some men just aren't trainable. btw, he added that they grow to be about four inches long.

Taynara said...

thank for your comment! have a great day xxx

Anonymous said...

I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.