Sunday, June 21, 2009

Twirl and be Free! Mr. Slug tries on a brand new shoe...

All work and no play makes Mr. Slug a dull mollusk. Lucky for him, Mr. Canopener was itching to break free of his lunchbox and have some recreational time, so he demanded that Mr. Slug put on a tailshoe and practice some spirited ballet moves to tone up his tail and re-energize for the start of his business week. At first, Mr. Slug said, "No, I don't do tailshoes." Mr. Canopener was relentless. He said, "Just give it a try. Dancing has changed my life. I used to be cold and calculating, I was violent and would cut anyone open just for kicks. Now that I can express myself, I have found that I am a much friendlier chap with a loving heart." Mr. Canopener stared at Mr. Slug intently, his handle spinning slowly around in a somewhat menacing way. "Try it with me, I know you will like it." There are times in life when one realizes that trying something new might be the healthier choice to make. Mr. Slug reluctantly put on the shoe to keep Mr. Canopener from becoming agitated. After about an hour of dancing, Mr. Slug had improved considerably. He even scheduled another session of dancing during the midweek! Mr. Slug found ballet to be more fun, and I dare say, somewhat safer than playing one on one basketball with another one of his business collegues, Mr. Porcupine. The moral of this story is: "If the shoe fits, it is not enough to merely wear it. You must learn to dance in it."


Analuz said...

Hello! I miss my friend here. Yes its true, You have put in practice what you have learned. Learning is a continues process and its fun learning new good things. God Bless!

Analuz said...

We have to put into practice what we have learned.

Margaret Pangert said...

My goodness, where is my Mr. Canopener?! Someone to motivate me, to get me dancing and finding joy in my life, and to take the edge off. I am smiling at the possibilities :) Any of you dancing slugs have a music suggestion?

Owen said...

Oh now don't that beat all !!!
A dancing slug doing pirouettes !!!
The stuff of poetry... perhaps one could start like this :

Twas the night before solstice,
And all through the house
Not a slug was dancing
Nor a slug spouse
The slug shoes were in a corner
Set there with care
In hopes that a can opener
Soon would be there
The little slug children
Were all slimed in their beds
While visions of slug ballet
Danced in their heads...

And so on, I'm sure you can imagine the glorious finale to a can-opener and nut-cracker slug suite grand finale...
Best wishes !

Margaret Pangert said...

Owen, That was great! How do you come up with this stuff? btw, did u get my email?
Babbler, Owen's song here is a keeper for the holidays!

Buskitten said...

'All work and no play makes Mr. Slug a dull mollusk' Oh hahahaha! You are so funny! I love Mr Slug and your posts, genius!