Sunday, September 20, 2009

Music calms the savage slug! (Not to mention the savage Mr. Canopener!)

It is not easy to learn a new song. First, a slug must find the sheet music and learn it backward and forward. A slug must rehearse the song over and over again until the notes are raw. Creative chord patterns must be found for improvisation during solos. A slug must learn how to hold two mallets with one tail and play the vibraphone with deadly accuracy or the slug might hit a "clam" and get a sour look from the conductor during a performance.....In the midst of all of this rehearsal, a visit from Mr. Canopener can be extremely distracting indeed! Mr Canopener must be kept at bay during the entire learning process. Music can be fun, but it can also be quite dangerous!


Cherrie said...

It is so worth it!

Owen said...

Wouldn't it be wonderful for us slug fans out here if Mr & Mrs Slug figured out how to use a tape(worm) recorder to save for posterity some of these musical adventures, and to share them with us out here in the blogosphere... either via video, or a music player like some blogs have, ah yes, slugs that like Cole Porter tunes must have good taste indeed, it would be sublime (as opposed to subslime) to hear some of your creations... as long as that can-opener fellow keeps his distance...

FCW said...

Perhaps I shall diversify and, in addition to the cricket chorus, start listening for the slug serenade.

I'll linger by the den of Wood Chuck because we have no Coal Porter.

Word verification is "queject" which I believe is a refusal to wait in line.

babbler said...

Thanks for your comment! It IS soooo worth it, I have to remember that when practicing a particularly difficult passage with my tail.
Mrs. Slug

babbler said...

Owen: Yes, it would be wonderful if I could figure out a way to use those dratted tape(worm) recorders! They try to slither away when you hit the record button! You have brought up a very significant point, I need to record for posterity as I have very few recordings of my finest vibraphone moments. What better place than here to share my triumphant tail solos? We will need a few donated cans to distract Mr. Canopener during the recording process, then they shall be donated to the music program of our local high school so the conductor may purchase a set of tape (worms) for his class.
Thanks for your subslimy inspiration!
Mrs. Slug

babbler said...

You will receive a more detailed comment back when I return from my day of business meetings, a slug never wants to be late for a meeting or rush a comment to a collegue as result of said business meeting! I was intriuged by your word verification today. Slide back to you soon!
Mrs. Slug