Friday, October 30, 2009

"That's just the broccoli talking!"

Every now and then, a slug needs to go to the market for neccesary items, like chocolate bars. Mrs. Slug always prepares a list so that she does not forget the more important products, like paper napkins for lunches, broccoli and other essentials. Mr. and Mrs. Slug are careful not to get in the way of other shoppers, lest they get run over by a renegade shopping cart! Mr. Slug says, "Watch your tails, or it will be cleanup in aisle 3!"

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Eight glasses of water can be dangerous on the road!

When Mr. Slug takes a drive, he likes to get in the car and get to where he is going. Never mind the groans from the back seat. Mr Slug says, "Hang on and enjoy the ride."
The passengers can only hope that the car will get pulled over for a tail light being out or some such thing.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Zip your lip and move that hip! Rise and shine! Wheeeeee!

Mr. Slug has announced a new work schedule which will require Mrs. Slug to get up at the crack of dawn to assemble his delicious lunch to be placed inside the dapper and dutiful Mr. Lunchbox who shall accompany Mr. Slug to work so that he may serve him the repast at the midday meal. Mr. Lunchbox is always eager to serve. Our hero has a very strict work ethic that we could all learn from. It should be noted: although our dear friend Mr. Lunchbox does not display the most pleasant disposition at all times, he certainly has been well respected in the foodservice industry for his tireless efforts and attention to detail. Mr. Lunchbox is happy to accept awards at catered award banquets and is an eloquent speaker when standing upon the podium before a crowd of his peers. However........
Mr. Lunchbox is not yet sure he likes the new work schedule.....he is not always fully awake in the morning and feels that he should be allowed to sleep longer. Mrs. Slug has promised him that she will have his coffee ready the moment he hops out of bed in the morning. (Can I get a "Yippeee!!"?) Oh Joy! Cue the bird chirps and strum that harp! It's going to be a great day!