Saturday, November 14, 2009

An inordinate amount of insubordination brought on by a bout of boredom in the boardroom.

As much as Mr. Lunchbox does not like being reprimanded by his superiors, he especially does not like having to discipline his own workers. There has been a rash of "workplace infractions" of late, so Mr. Lunchbox is going to make sure that what happens in his department, stays in his department. That's right! Don't gossip about how you saw two wayward icepacks last night, wearing the company uniform along with lampshades for hats stumbling and giggling as they slid down Main Street! You saw nothing! If the higher brass (A.K.A. Mr. Slug the boss!) finds out about this latest affront to the company policy, it could have an adverse effect upon the entire stack of employee Christmas bonuses. Keep that zipper lipped!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Mine! All Mine! Not Yours! MINE!!!!!!!!

Mrs. Slug was surprised by this very inventive artwork created by her foreign exchange student slug from Italy. His name is Slugvano. He is very artistic and wishes to be an slugitect. I know he will someday build a very tall structure and call it Slug Towers.
As you can see, I dream in vivid Technicolor. I am very greedy when it comes to my wheeled conveyance, especially if it is MY dream.
You see, every time we pass one of these fine vehicles out on the road, I say to my young charge, "Look, they are driving MY car!"
Alas, it is no wonder that Slugvano has created this most wonderful depiction of me, Mrs. Slug, in my natural greedy and materialistic it should be! No drinks or hard shell tacos in my car!
(I hope the alarm clock does not wake me up before I go through the car wash and have the "Carnuba Wax Applied When Flashing"....)
I hope you have enjoyed this unusual diversion from your normal slug fare. There are more surprises ahead.
Stay tuned for the next exciting episode! This outta keep you slugs on the tips of your tails, eh?

Friday, November 6, 2009

A hard night out on the tiles

Gather 'round all you slug adventurers! I present to you a slug drawing that is only a day older than a day-old loaf of bread! Fresh as the morning dew! It is a rare event indeed.
What we have here is a complete lack of consideration for the fragile brain which is expected to be alert and ready for a new and hopefully profitable workday. Adult libations entered the delicate digestive tract and all reason and logic was lost for a time. It all started when Mr. Lunchbox invited his co-worker out to dinner the previous evening. The restaurant was nice, and had a bar and discoteque in the next room. The brightly colored lights and thumping rhythm of the dance floor made the weary workers spring back to life and dance the night away! By the time they left the restaurant, the full moon was setting in the western sky and it was nearly time to return to work. The last thing that Mr. Lunchbox remembered saying was, "I don't get out much. Let's get another round." Mr. Thermos recalls nothing.
The bartender ordered the two a taxi cab and poured them into it, with directions home, written on a napkin, of course!
Mr. Slug knows that both of his employees are normally on time and completely alert every morning. He knew something was amiss when he observed the two scofflaws drinking copious amounts of water from the water cooler in the breakroom. Mr. Thermos was filling up on glazed doughnuts while Mr. Lunchbox was quietly sitting under the table with his flap hanging crookedly to one side, moaning and muttering incoherently.
Mr. Slug was young once, he has seen it all and done it twice. Before any other employees spotted them, Mr. Slug did a very honorable thing. It was a gift, a gesture of thanks for a job that is normally well done.
Being the kind and generous slug that he is, (wait for it..........) Yes, you know what is coming next...................
Mr. Slug was a hero and let them slide home for the day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!