Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Mr. Slug increases his profit ten-fold, and looks good doing it!

Mr. Slug was so excited about his designer headwear, he decided to go public with it! Now his designs are seen sliding down the runways on the heads of the most sleek and successful slug models in the business! Mr. Slug says, "Any new venture takes a certain amount of risk. You will need a strong mantle, a short skirt and alot of optic nerve to succeed in the world of fashion slugs!" For this seasons look, Mr. Slug chose an "Oragami" theme that is both reversable, and edible! Bravo, Mr. Slug!


Snowbrush said...

Look. I don't want to hurt your feelings, but I would much prefer a fedora--or even a bowler. The angles of the new hat would, I believe look okay on an angular looking butterfly (for example), but they just don't quite go on a slug. Okay, go ahead, say I have no fashion sense, and I won't even argue, because I guess I don't. Maybe a poll is in order...

Lloyd said...

perhaps I should get one for christmas...... hmmmm but that seems a bit expensive.... *whispers to himself* "I'll just have to create my own knock-off brand"


lol. I don't know If i've ever told you or not, but I LOVE this blog. You're quite original, and I look forward to every post that you make!

Sending Christmas wishes and Love from CandyCane City,

Jerry Critter said...

Thanks for stopping by. Having grown up in Seattle and spending much of my time on Whidbey Island, I have a great appreciation for slugs, particularly banana slugs.