Monday, January 18, 2010

Please stay in your seats, we will not turn off the seatbelt signs for a year

Tears flow freely from Mr. Slug as he bids an emotional farewell to his holiday friend Ms. Eggnog, who is leaving sometime this week or next for a holiday of her own, which will last until next Thanksgiving in November. Most of Ms. Eggnog's associates have disappeared from the shelves of grocery stores and roadside markets, causing panic buying and hoarding of the popular dairy product. For this reason, Ms. Eggnog has hired a bodyguard and driver to make it to the airport without incident. Ms. Eggnog realizes the importance of teaching the youngsters all about the time honored traditions. She will be visiting a nutmeg farm to teach a group of raw eggs how to grow up right and become the most desired and upstanding members of the refrigerated community, standing tall with shoulders sqaure and proud while they await puchase from excited and happy customers! Lives lived to the fullest, and satisfied bellies full of  'nog!


Cherrie said...

Have a nice vacation Ms Eggnog! See ya next year!

Jerry Critter said...

I am glad to see that Ms Eggnog is reaching out to her egg community. We would not want them to become fried or hard boiled. Hopefully with Ms Eggnog's help the can remain as fresh as the day they were born.

tam said...

Awww Mr. Slug -I know love hurts sometimes-big hugs!