Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I should have stayed out of school.......the conclusion of the 4 part lecture series!

The slugs have all spent a night in the pokey and are now free to continue their vacation, but first, they have been ordered by the court to go to sliding school! Let this be a lesson to all of you slugs out there who do not consider the cause and effect of overindulgence while traveling by means of public transportation. I know it is your vacation and that you are expecting to have a good time, but please remember to slide responsibly or this could happen to you! Oh the horror!


Lorrene said...

When Slugs plan to indulge in the grape delight, they should get a designated sober Slug Slider. You have to be drunk to say it, but don't just say it, do it.

Jo said...

Just make sure the Slugs don't slide down to the bottom of a cheap tequila bottle. There could be consequences.

Owen said...

Oh my, instead of a worm, a slug in the tequila ??? Jo !

Dear Mrs Slug,
Does this explain the quiet period there ? Were all the slugs in the slug lock up waiting for a judge to decide their fate ??? Oh horror of horrors, and slugs, being particularly sensitive to alcoholic beverages, I can imagine the airline had to hose all the slug slime out of the cabin ???

Hope all is back in order in Slugville, and that you sluggers had a fine vacation time despite airborne sobriety issues...
Slide on happily and wisely... !

...louciao... said...

I always like a little slick of slime in my rum and coke. But yours is indeed a sobering story.

Jeanne said...

The Slugs should have been shown a bottle of the cheap Mesqual (the one with the worm in it) to impress upon them the hazards of too much imbibing.

And I see how you keep those Slugs in check - the fish at the bottom of the page and sure to keep the Slugs from roaming too far. :0)

I am so glad you 'found' me! I am enjoying your blog enormously!