Thursday, May 26, 2011

You won't believe this until you see it with your own optical tentacles! Rare slug golf photos!

 Mr. Slug gets ready to address the ball.....Shhhh!!!
 The green on the 9th hole, a very difficult shot with trees, sand trap and water hazard.
 It takes great concentration to play golf, as you can see by the look on this gentleslug here.
One of the most difficult sections, a dogleg over the lake. Hit the ball with all the tentacle you've got!
Mr. Slug says, "Get the ball on the green and use your skills you learned on the miniature golf course. You will enjoy the game more if you play it well and with style!"

I hope you have enjoyed your tour of Mr. Slugs favorite business pastime! Go get em!

By the way, this series of photos are meant to be viewed with the previous post, so slide on down to see the technique that Mr. Slug uses to hit a golf ball without the need for those pesky arms that just get in the way of a flawless game. See you at the clubhouse!


Anonymous said...

Mrs. Slug, a lovely post as always. It is a beautiful Spring and all good slugs should be out on the links giving of their best.

Cheers, T4

Owen said...

Will wonders never cease ??? Golfing slugs ! I guess you just wrap your tail firmly around the grip, and swing away, with dimples dimpled in pleasure. What better place for slugs to romp than on the wide expanses of greenery of the fairways... just beware the sand traps, those can't be good places for slugs to get bogged down in, covered in sand...

Sorry to be so late getting here, was called away on urgent business to a foreign country near here, held incommunicado by work for two weeks ! Finally got back this past weekend... hope to resume blogging normally after this unexpected technical incident.

May your slides and drives and putts be straight and true...

Owen said...

Dear Mrs & Mr Slug,
While out blog browsing just now I happened upon some lovely photos of a cousin of yours which you can see here :

Enjoy !

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

That's one dumpy golf course, even for Mr. Slug!

babbler said...

Owen, Thanks for sliding over after you have been sliding busily for many days in a row. I am glad you could make it to our little tee time here on the green!

Regarding the technique which slugs employ to address the ball, please refer to the previous napkin post which gives specific technique, using a circular swing of the optic tentacle. The tail can also be used, but there is a higher probability of shanking the ball. Slugs do not enjoy venturing through the rough to retreive the ball, as you can well imagine!
You have stated the dangers of sand traps, they are dangerous and should be avoided. One should not use the optic tentacle to hit the ball in this situation. If you find yourself caught in a sand trap, simply flick the ball with a quick downward chop of the tail and the ball should dislodge effortlessly with a light arc over the edge of the trap. Once free of the trap, wipe sand from tail and resume play using a sand-free tentacle. Keep one eye on the ball and the other tentacle on the pin for the win!
Last one back to the clubhouse buys the spinach!

I see you have left a missive regarding a relative of mine, I shall slide on over there to take a peek and invite him to join me on the links at once!

All the best,
Mrs. Slug

Owen said...

Ah, dear sluggish one, thank you so much for clarifying all that. Visiting here is an honor and a pleasure, the the slug reception is consistently marvelous... I think you are Mr Slug must be the two finest slugs in the world !

Owen said...

Greetings to the Slug family,

I just found a blog, or perhaps a blog found me, that you may want to take a look at, the title reveals all...

Snowbrush said...

I eagerly await the tennis photos. By the way, is Mr. Slug's first name Rupert? I ask because he's a dead-ringer for a slug that I sometimes run into around town here in Eugene.