Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Flip me like a pancake

Even a cattle prod to the belly won't wake Mr. Slug today, his wife kept him up all night by making him play with the bedside laptop computer. Mr. Slug says that he needs to rearrange his sleeping schedule, as it is causing him to have strange dreams. I think it is time that we invest in one of those alarm clocks that makes the relaxing sounds of the ocean and birdies and other soothing settings........Mr. Slug says that he needs his Mrs. Slug to simply get to bed earlier.... Mrs. Slug says that he is probably right. Why? Because he is Mr. Slug, that's why! He is the head of the house. When Mr. Slug says, "Now brush your rasp and get to bed!" Mrs. Slug says, Righty-o Professor!"


tam said...

Hey You Sluggs!
Yes Berb I remember making your keyboard holder thingy in the 80's-gosh that is so weird to say-seems like yesterday! Remember how when we were kids we were always inventing things? That was so fun! I think thats where I get my always needing to invent somethingness about me? HHMM? Good luck with your next gig girl! Someday I want to do an official interview for a way to introduce the Slugs Rest Blog site on my blog. I think that would be so fun don't you? If you are interested let me know and when you have some free time we will do it! I know you never really have free time but you know what I mean~LoL!Thanx 4 visiting my blogs and for all the wonderful comments too! Say big hello to everyone at Slug's Rest for me!Have a terrific Thursday!~Smiles~Tam!

tam said...

Oh yea P.S.~Thanks for the really cool award! Love ya!

lagirl said...

Poor Mr. Slug.
He's tired.
Where's the compassion?
*snicker *snicker
Hope you gave him an extra cuppa coffee.

Wendy Christensen {Moments Like This} said...

You have got to draw a photo of Mr. Slug's shirt (the one Elton John) might like to wear for his next big show ... I need to see that. Oh and a big pair of hot pink glasses might go well with it :) ... So funny! Thanks.

Laura Jayne said...

Cattle prod may not work, but a slug prod might.

MiMi said...

Cold water works well on sleeping slugs! Not salt water, just cold water! :)