Friday, January 23, 2009

Plump full of juicy goodness!

As everyone knows, a high water content is recommended for good health and well-being. Mr. Slug likes to give back to his community by inviting his friends to check out his newest invention, "The Slug-O-Meter Water Content Device." Ads were run on the local radio. There was excitement in the air! The line of eager slugs snaked all the way around the block. This situation caused a bit of grumbling, particularly from slugs who have not been taking care of themselves, hence, they were improperly hydrated! If you find yourself irritable and snappy today, come on over to Slug's Rest and get your water content checked! Mr. Slug says, "You'll be glad you did!" (This ad paid for by the Federation of Highly Hydrated Slugs)


tam said...

Hello Slugy's! Thanks for the cool comments-it was so nice to hear from you! Glad you liked my little projects too! They were fun to do. And you left me a msg at the perfect time-I was thinkin about you and wondering what you all were up to. You must have felt my vibes! I hope you cool cats have a wonderful weekend! Lets talk soon-grab your tellie and dial me up when you have a chance!Love Ya!~Smiles~Tam!

bryan said...

hey ! thanks for the comment on my blog. You draw cute cartoons ! haha. Seeyou around, takecare !

TuTu's Bliss said...

LOL Thanks for the laugh

I love tourists said...

Thanks for your comment! I'm gonna upload some more photos of Europe and New Zealand soon. You have a very funny blog here :)

Claire Marie said...

Mrs. Slug,

Thanks so much for stopping by and taking time to comment--twice! My friends and family have been viewing the blog for a bit now, but none of those stinkers has ever bothered to comment!! So your lovely musings made my week :)

You and Mr. Slug's blog is definately different but downright adorable. I'll make sure to stop by every now and again to give myself a dose of slug-life. I hope you'll do the same, though not for slug-life because you've got that covered pretty well---I'll dish out doses of life of a 20-something from the midwest living in south florida and desperatly wanting to win the "best job in the world", how about that?

--Claire Marie

P.S. "we" did get a little pink, but its all worth it when it goes tan, right? lol
Have a lovely day :)

Raghav said...

Hello madam...thanks a lot for ur comment n the way..Your cartoons are lovely.Cartoons on Lunch napkin wat a cute thing. Hope even my GF learns these from u :P
anyway...Wishing u felicitous life ahead..:)
take care..:)