Saturday, June 6, 2009

Micromanagement and you

For anyone who finds themselves lucky enough to be working, it is important to remember to pay attention to even the finest details of the job at hand. Leave no stone unturned, complete all required documentation so that the management can see that progress is being made. Every working minute must be accounted for!


Owen said...

Oh dear, I am laughing heartily while trying to imagine what jalapeno peppers for lunch have to do with a slug needing to visit the porta-potty... I didn't realize slugs ate jalapeno peppers on their lettuce sandwiches ?!?

And I wonder what a slug's porta-potty looks like as well ? Humans have sort of upright rectangular box-like affairs with a sit-down bench seat inside. I suppose the slug model may be shaped like the human one, but lying down on its side? With slide-right-in and slide-right-out openings at either end? As for the facilities themselves inside it, well my goodness, I never, ever, gave one second of thought to how slugs might actually excrete their bodily wastes... can they stand up on their tail end (males) or sit down if they must (both sexes)? Do slugs even have different sexes, or are they more like earthworms in that domain???

Would love to see a cut-away drawing of a slug porta-potty, to get a better idea. ;-D

And arms; I think the slug in this picture has an arm-like appendage holding that form to be filled in or to wield his hammer with ! ... ah, I can see I'm going to have to go back to my slug anatomy textbook, I must have missed that chapter.

In any case, a profound "thank you" for all your insight into the world of slugs, it is forcing me to re-oil my visual imagination with slug slime. (very slippery stuff, that slime, if someone could figure out a way to farm slugs and produce the slime in industrial quantities, there must be applications for it somewhere ?)
:-D Happy Sunday to you all...

babbler said...

Thank you for your fine and dandy comment! There are so many fun items to address today! Let's see....I will start at the top and work down, or in this case, (as we are talking about the mechanics of a porta-potty made especially for slugs) we shall start at one side and work to the other side.

Jalepeno peppers are a delight to a slug during the workday. The zippy flavor keeps a slug sliding fast, even if it is just to the porta-potty and back. Said porta-potty is very similar to the human variety except that it is shaped, as you guessed correctly, just like a box of crackers, lying on one side, open at either end. (I will do my best to find a cutaway drawing from some old blueprints laying around Slug's Rest.)

Although some may consider slugs a primitive form of life, I think slugs are an example of anatomical perfection dating back to the dawn of time.

A slug may sit or stand in the porta-potty, as they prefer.
(I will not comment too heavily on the sexes of the slugs as this is a delicate subject for some slugs.)

Suffice to say, Mr. and Mrs. Slug respect the differences in one another despite the fact that they are, like the Earthworm, "cut from the same cloth." They have a loving and intricate courtship dance which leads me to believe that there was an Adam Slug and an Eve Slug.

Arms; The slug in this picture is holding a pencil. A slug will use the adhesive properties of the slime on the sides of the body to wield hammers, pencils and the like.

Since you are the most inquisitive person I have met since this blog began, I shall interrupt this program with a special informational class to show you the anatomy of a slug. Please watch for your special class in the next post.

I will also search for a copy of the blueprints for Mr. Slug's porta-potty out at the jobsite. I hope to have a cutaway drawing for you as soon as possible.

In conclusion, I return to you a heartfelt "thank you" for feeding my gooey imagination. You have filled me with ideas of how to best utilize the gifts of slime and knowledge the we slugs possess, hopefully for the improvement of our Mother Earth and all other beings that reside upon her.

Slugs have been largely unappreciated over the years, almost as much as their favorite mode of transport, the unicycle. Slugs, and unicycles for that matter, have been enjoying a resurgence of late. It is my hope that in the future, slugs riding proudly atop their unicycles will be allowed to compete in the Olympic Games. I appreciate your kind and thoughtful comments!

Magdalena said...

Hello Babbler, this is so nice to meet you! Warmest regards from Poland and see you soon! :-)

tam said...

Oh LoL! Best to have a lil pepto on hand for these kinds of emergency's!