Friday, December 11, 2009

Equal treatment for the flying rats!

Don't be too quick to judge someone by the way they look. Some of the hardest working executives have a rogue appearance to them. Perhaps they are wearing an earring or sport a rubbery looking set of wings and work the graveyard shift.
The least you can do is be kind and offer up a fresh moth or a stick of industrial bat food to your new friend. That bat could fly back to the cave and refer you to a large group of his batty relatives and your sluggy phone would start to ring off the hook with business inquiries.
Put this group of potential business slugmail contacts on your sonar and watch the slugdollars slide in!


Snowbrush said...

Luv them batties.

My regards to Mr. Slug. Have you reminded him how lucky he is lately--or does he need reminders?

Owen said...

Oh my goodness, you have been sliding so fast these past couple of days, poor Mr Toad has been hopping along as fast as he can to keep up... but OMG, it's the meeting of the slugs and the bats ! Could be a great movie, with giant slugs, and giant bats, imagine the special effects with great fantabulous slurping of slug sliding sounds and gallons and gallons of slug slime everywhere, complemented by the terrific whooshing of bat wings beating the air, while terrified homo sapiens ran for their lives, slipping and sliding and surfing on slime trails ! Ah such wonderful images you create, and yet you turn them to a positive twist; who would've guessed that lurking in attics and caves there may be a multitude of bats with bulging wallets and expense accounts waiting to come out and SPEND ?!? I think I'll put on my high rubber boots and get out my sturdiest bumbershoot before leaving for work today !

Greetings to all slugs everywhere, but most of all to the most special slugs in the world, Mr and Mrs Slug !