Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Red eye flights are only good if you want a floppy tail afterward

The slugs decided that a trip to Los Angeles was in order, so they rounded up some boarding passes from the slugs favorite local airline, Horizon Air, a partner with the fabulous Alaska Airlines, proudly serving slugs living in the great Northwest territories.
They were sliding down the concourse to the plane when they heard an announcement over the intercom. "Paging Mr. Slug. Will Mr. Slug please pick up one of the white courtesy telephones." Mr. Slug located a white telephone and heard that he was about to miss the final boarding call for flight 8211 to Burbank Airport. All of the slugs in his party quickly made haste to the gate and left three slimy slug trails down the isle to their seats. They all made sure that seatbelts were securely fastened and that all carryon items were safely stowed in the overhead bins, or at their tails under the seat in front of them.  WHIRRRRR! The engines roared to life, the plane taxied down to the runway and WHOOSH! They were off in the air, a flock of flying slugs! One of the slugs was scared when the landing gear made a rattle as it locked in to flight position. Once the plane leveled off, the drinks cart came down the aisle CLANKETY CLANK CLANK. Mr. Slug had coffee and the other slugs enjoyed a festive adult libation at no extra charge. This greatly pleased the slugs and one of them went to sleep immediately while the other two enjoyed the in-flight Alaska Air magazine crossword puzzle, which they were unable to solve because it was very difficult. Stay tuned for more of the exciting flight!  


Owen said...

Imagine that ! Flying slugs ! Must be tough for slugs to stow their carry-on bags in the overhead bins though ?

babbler said...

Owen, that is why they travel in packs so they can climb on each other and push the bag inside the bin!
Mrs. Slug :)

Teri and the cats of Furrydance said...

One would think slugs would have a hard time getting that seatbelt low and tight, hahameow

tam said...

Don't forget to spit the gum out before you eat those courtesy nuts! LoL!Looks like a fun and smooth flight...weeeeee!