Sunday, June 6, 2010

Staying in bed, cruising on your pillow is always the best choice!

It certainly has been a very rainy and wet and busy week here at Slug's Rest!  There has been so much to do in the course of a day, both slugs of the house have been working through the weekend so nothing gets left undone. The to-do list seems to grow daily with tasks. You may think you have gotten everything done, but one small, ridiculous detail gets overlooked and it becomes a huge ordeal! Why, just last night Mrs. Slug awoke with a start when she realized that she had forgotten to close the sunroof of her automatic sliding machine. She could hear the pouring rain outside, so she prodded Mr. Slug by poking him in the belly to wake him up. "Honey." "WHAT?!, What? What is it? Is everything OK?" Mr. Slug woke up from a very sound sleep. He was somewhat disoriented. "I think I may have left the sunroof open in the auto-slide,"  said Mrs. Slug.
Mr. Slug, being the gentleslug that he is, purposefully roused his tail from the warm bed and put on his robe to go outside.
Mr. Slug looked adorable in his red terrycloth robe as he vertured outside into the wild weather. It was pouring rain. The interior of the once pristeen auto-slide appeared to be fully soaked. The sunroof was a gaping maw, inviting the droplets to hit the leather seats. Mr. Slug was not amused, nor were the three stuffed animal friends that Mrs. Slug has riding around on her dashboard. These three 'friends' have been riding around with Mrs. Slug for years. They keep her good company on long drives and are better with directions than a GPS device. Besides, they are soft and snuggly. Allow me to introduce Messers. Wormy the green worm, Octy the speckled grey octopus, and Miss Jelly the demure and thoughtful jellyfish. The three friends were not amused and stared blankly at Mr. Slug as he closed up the vehicle. As Mr. Slug finished his midnight task, he shook his head and mumbled, as it was getting very late indeed.  Then suddenly.....the sound of rain was replaced with  a Crash! Rustle rustle! Bang! Apparently, there were dangerous critters roaming around in the bushes making unsettling noise!  Mr. Slug was so startled that he reacted with wide eyed tentacles and slid quickly from the scene, back in the front door and up the banister back to bed, where it was warm and safe. "Was everything all right out there? I heard something outside," said Mrs. Slug. Mr. Slug replied, "Wormy, Octy and Jelly were very confused and upset, and whats more, there is some THING in the bushes, I think it is rather large and scary. Wormy Octy and Jelly are safe now that the vehicle is secure, but now I am rattled and I can't get back to sleep. Please hand me my earplugs." Mrs. Slug did as she was bade and rolled over to go back to sleep. "Goodnight sweetie." Ahhh, peace and quiet. All he could hear now was his own breathing, and then, the sound of a ships horn in the distance!. Mr. Slug finally drifted back into his very inventive and wonderful world of dreams, where he envisioned a sizeable cruise ship pulling into port to take him away from it all for a few fun filled days at sea. Let the confetti fly! Bon Voyage, Mr. Slug!!!


Owen said...

Dear Mrs Slug,
Perhaps this dream was an omen ? There is a Caribbean cruise on your horizon ? Just think of all the luscious and tasty tropical greenery to nibble on, not to mention the lovely warm weather.

Maybe you should offer Mr Slug a no doubt well deserved vacation for working so hard all year round to keep Slug's Rest well stocked with crisp lettuce and an auto-slide running for Mrs Slug, and to thank him for being such a tender loving slug that would even go out on a dark rainy night to shut the sun roof while wild things rustle in the shrubbery... What a fine slug he must be, I'm sure he deserves a fabulous cruise... on one of those lovely big boats which has a sliding deck just for morning recreational slides while out at sea...

Sweet dreams !

Jo said...

I think both Mr. and Mrs. Slug have deserved a well-earned vacation on a cruise ship. Just be sure not to slide along the balcony railings if the weather gets too choppy. I have heard it said that slugs don't do well in salt water. But cruise ships have wonderful buffets with lots of good sluggy food like fuits and vegetables.

Mr. Slug must have looked very cute in his red terrycloth robe.

babbler said...

Dear Owen,
Yes, a vacation is in the sliding plans, although it will not be a cruise as we had previously thought. We will be sliding to the big city of Los Angeles for a nice bowl of basil leaves at one of many eateries we frequent when visiting.

Mr. Slug has been working so hard! I plan to take hime for a nice ride on a merry go round, complete with a working calliope! I may also take him to an attraction located in the mountains that is basically a luge run on dry land called the "Alpine Slide." Such fun we shall have! Thank you for your wonderful comment, I will be sure to post another exciting adventure very shortly!

babbler said...

Mr. Slug looks VERY cute in his red terrycloth robe!

We have taken your warning about salt water to heart and opted for a dry land vacation for a bit of relaxation. We will still consider an exciting cruise in the future, the thought of all those lovely sluggy treats is just too enticing to ignore! Love, Mrs. Slug

Teri and the cats of Furrydance said...

...pillow cruising? That is what I am going to tell people when they ask what I am up to this summer! Sounds delightful!