Sunday, October 10, 2010

Looking for a home is called "homework!"

When we last saw Mr. Slug, he was flying through the air with the greatest unease, mostly because he did not do enough careful research before launching his aircraft. He has decided that he needs more college classes to help him gain a more complete base of knowledge when it comes to dealing with the chemicals used in his inventions. Tonight, Mr. Slug has his optic tentacles buried deep in a technical book entitled, "Wastewater and you."  Mrs. Slug is especially proud of his recent acheivements in the air, and hopes that this latest decision to go back to school will help unravel the mystery of breaking down the solid matter that is present in lumpy water.
Unfortunately, this college is far away from Slug's Rest. Mr. Slug decided he would need to throw his books in a backpack and set off for school to find a room to let for the semester. He bought himself a low cost $200.00 belly sliding plate that would protect his tender dermis from the harsh freeway concrete for the 3 hour drive to school. When he was about a mile from school, he went door to door looking for an affordable room. He came across a fellow snail, but the room was much too small, so he kept looking. After three days of sleeping under bushes, he finally found a nice slug who would share a fully furnished apartment with him. The slug has graciously offered to feed Mr. Slug some leftover leaves, as it is hard to finish an entire stalk by yourself without feeling overstuffed. Mr. Slug is very grateful for the opportunity to go back to school, and he has become a studying machine, capable of leaping tall textboks in a single slide!
In the meantime, Mr. Slug will be running his company while between classes, via a tailtop computer. All of his employess will be in constant contact with him during the school year. Mrs. Slug is in charge of the accounting and the books. She will also oversee the day to day operations of Slug's Rest and will make all important executive decisions in his absence. Mr. Canopener will be handling all of his toughest vendors, while Mr. Lunchbox will be mostly doing sales trips with his business partner Mr. Thermos. Mrs. Slug has advised all employees to stay productive and out of trouble during this important phase of development. Without the increased knowledge, Mr. Slug feels that the firm could fall behind and become obsolete. He has encouraged training classes for everyone once he finishes his initial school terms and earns his slugwater degree. Forward sliding is more essential than ever before, we are in a world of increased sludge and goo.  Lets hope they all hold down the fort so Mr. Slug can get some studying done!
Please turn off your television set and open a book, for we all have something new to learn. There will be a quiz for you coming in the next couple of weeks, please have your pencils ready, a scratch paper and calculator will be permitted.


Jeanne said...

So glad to hear that Mr. Slug has found a place to call home while he is at school. I hope he does well with his studies, the world does seem to be overwhelmed with sludge and goo. Tell Mr. Slug to watch out for Prof. NaCl - he can be one "salty character"!

And I have faith that Mrs. Slug will be able to keep all employees in line during Mr. Slug's important schooling. Because if they don't behave, then I am sure that the sludge and goo will hit the rotating air movement device.

More quizzes??? Is it mid-terms already???

Owen said...

Dear Mrs Slug,
I think the first photo at this blog post must be a relative of yours :

I will be back soon to read this post more carefully, and attempt to make sense of it, right now my eyes are getting crossed from lack of sleep...

notmassproduced said...

love ur satchel mr slug :o)

Owen said...

Oh where oh where have the good slugs gone ?
Hiding in gardens every one...
We miss all you slugs
And all of your slime
We hope you'll be back
It's been a long time...