Sunday, November 9, 2008

Back to the belly grind!

Mrs. Slug noticed that Mr. Slug looked sleepy when he left to work this morning.


tam said...

I think Mr. Slug is thankful to have Mrs. Slug~She does a very good job looking after him!
~Tam :)

tam said...

Hello my dear Barb! I have something special for you on my blog-so please hurry on over and get it!

C. Beth said...

Congratulations on your new blog! It's a very cute idea.

I had to delete the comment on my blog because I have a rule against comments that are used solely to promote your own blog. However, feel free to respond to one of the writing prompts, and include your blog address at the end of your prompt. See the Q&A section on my blog for more information.

Also, note that in your blog address it should be "" not "" :)

Good luck with your blog, and congrats on your award!

The One-Minute Writer