Thursday, November 27, 2008

Next time, call a professional!

When dealing with pest invasion, it is unwise to think you can outwit the little creatures with mere traps. They are smart, sneaky and will beat you at your own game. Mr. and Mrs. Slug learned a valuable lesson. If you hear a noise in the night, it might be your spouse, trapped by a rat!

Fashionable does not mean comfortable!

"Honey, may I borrow a pair of your pants?"......................"But of course you may, my dear!" A minute or two passes with audible grunts from the next room. "Are you sure those will be comfortable enough to work in? Turn around, let me get a good look at look mighty good in them jeans! Hold still while I go search for my camera!"

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Sluggy Gump slides home for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a great time to go home and sit in front of the TV and watch the classic movies from our youth. Mr. Slug says, "Gather round the flat screen, everybody! Happy Thanksgiving!"

Bubba Slug has to babysit

A Slug's gotta do what a Slug's gotta do............Bubba Slug's girlfriend knew that Bubba would be delighted to help her out when she decided to go shopping with her friends. Mr. Slug and Bubba Slug had already made other plans to work on the boat in the driveway. Bubba made the phone call hoping that Mr. Slug would find a way to help a brother out! Looks like Bubba was outta luck for the moment.

Only the finest for Mr. Slug!

High quality materials make the difference when it comes to treating oneself right. Mr. Slug says, "Never economize if you are aiming for safety and ease of movement!" Point well taken.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Did Mr. Slug fall asleep in the shower?

Ahhh, the restful feeling of the warm water washing over the tail can make one very sleepy indeed.......perhaps even causing one to fall asleep in the shower.....which is likely to make Mr. Bed very jealous! "I have a pillow with your name on it," says he.

Mr. Slug is freed from the dreaded Mr. Clampy!

Mrs. Slug to the rescue!!!!! Mr. Clampy had her darling husband by the tail at the bank, so Mrs. Slug grabbed a pen and started drawing you can see, she ran out of ink during the rescue attempt, but ditched the offending black pen for another that worked well enough to get Mr. Slug out of trouble with the dreaded Mr. Clampy!! Whew.....that was close!

Mr. Clampy finds Mr. Slug at the bank

Monday finds Mr. Slug attending to the daily task of money management. He would have cashed his check at the bank that it was drawn upon before depositing it if he knew in advance that Mr. Clampy would rear his ugly head! Good thing his wife Mrs. Slug knows how to literally draw a bank, with a ball point pen no less, as she is sure to get him outta this mess!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Mr. Slug says, "Buy! Buy! Buy!"

The success of every slug depends upon good decision making. Mr. Slug likes to watch the trends closely........When an investment is hot, you slide in as fast as possible!

Froggy sleeps it off

Mr Slug noticed that the froggy looked tired today. It is not surprising......considering the long night out on the tiles at the favorite watering holes!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Froggy meets Mr. Slug

Mr. Slug says: "It is indeed possible for all of us to get along. Be kind to each other. All good advice. However, I have this to add........If you are a hungry frog, please don't eat so much that you become unrecognizable. It is important to me that I remember your name."

A Little Debbie snack cake in the lunch plans

Mrs Slug prepared a special second lunch for Mr. Slug's co-worker named "Bubba Slug" one day. There was only one snack cake between the two of them. There was trouble.

A cattle prod and thou

Mr Slug awoke on a weekend morning to find he was feeling energetic and lively! He wanted to wake up his beautiful wifenslug so that she might join him in a fun activity. Let it be known that Mrs. Slug has been keeping a very busy schedule of late, and was planning to sleep in. (She spent all evening playing the xylophone in the orchestra pit last night, and finds that she can hardly move her tail this morning)............. Good luck, Mr. Slug!

A happy and chipper worker is Mr. Slug today!

Mr. Slug knows that his success is determined by the impression he leaves upon others. Mr. Slug says: "If one is prepared and well tooled, it shall have a positive effect on his attitude as well as those who surround him!"

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Back to the belly grind!

Mrs. Slug noticed that Mr. Slug looked sleepy when he left to work this morning.

Better look where you slide!

Mr. Slug got a vicious scratching on his belly when he ventured down the stairs this morning. It is at times like this that he is grateful to have a wife that will take care him.

Slug's Rest gets plush new carpet installed

Mr. Slug knows the value of good flooring in a home. He also knows that a slug can save money when the flooring surface is cleared and prepped for the carpet installers. All nails were removed, all furniture cleared from the rooms........Good thinking, Mr. Slug!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Home is where the hearth is

One of the reasons Mrs. Slug fell in love with Mr. Slug is that he took the time to read to her during courtship. Mr. Slug has a wonderfully resonant voice that will send Mrs. Slug into a dreamlike state almost instantly! Mrs. Slug loves the fact that Mr. Slug will continue to read even if Mrs. Slug seems to be asleep. To his surprise, Mrs. Slug can often recite the passages that he was reading to her, even after he knows she was sound asleep. Amazing!

Feeling fine and dandy!

Mr. Slug had thrown out his back one day, doing something simple. He was being a gentleman and pulling out a chair for his lady slug to be seated at the dinner table, when all of a sudden........snick! His back went out. There was only one thing to do......Mrs. Slug plied him with asprin and tied a back support around him and sent him to work! After a long morning of hard physical labor, he opened his lunchbox to find this expertly drawn slug cartoon waiting for him. Nice wife, huh?

Doctor's orders

Every once in a while, Mr. Slug will utilize his insurance card, just to make sure he is getting his moneys worth . Why would anyone want to take a day off of work and waste it on truly being sick? Let's go to Nye Beach!

Micromanagement and you

Mr. Slug takes safety seriously. He does not condone the use of propane stoves indoors, and he does not recommend the unsafe warming of the tail. If you have climbed in to a microwave, then do as Mr. Slug says, "Get out of there!" If you are going to defy his safety recommendations, at least take off your jewlery first.

Friday, November 7, 2008

A place to call home!

Mr. Slug likes to dabble in real estate. His idea of home is a long driveway with an imposing entrace. He has declared his new home to be thusly named...."Slug's Rest!"
Hooray for Mr. and Mrs Slug!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Click on the pic so you can see it better! Yeah, baby!

Until Mr. Slug has mastered the art of typing with his tail, you will need to assist him if you want to view him. The napkin that he is drawn on every morning does not get any bigger. It is perfectly readable with a click of the mouse. Mr Slug says, "Good things are worth fighting for."

Drum roll on the belly, please!

Are you ready for this? Will you even be able to read it?!!!! Let me know you like it with a wag of your tail.
Mr. Slug says, "I have been remiss. I have not forgotten about all of you slimy slug friends out there who are waiting patiently for a nice drawing of me. As you well know, slugs are not the fastest creatures crawling the planet. However, there is no excuse for plain sluggishness even when you are a slug. That said, tune in again soon and ye shall be rewarded with a rendition of your slimyness. Until then, slather your belly with an ample amount of goo.......slide happy, slide free!