Saturday, February 7, 2009

Class begins promptly at 8:00 am, don't be late!

Every youngster needs a good role model to look up to. An adult who cares about the future of our youth. Someone who takes an interest in teaching poise, good manners and discipline. The adult needs to be a patient fellow, who keeps his composure when the youngsters need a litle extra help with a new and difficult task. Now, everysluggy, repeat after me......"Tail wagging is FUN!!!"

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Tinky said...

Hello, Babbler !
I'm Tinky from mold and mildew, and moreover from Frédou's Nightmare appartment !!!
I apologize for having censored your comment, but, recently, I've been hacked by Chineeses who wrote me in English, and I had some problems with my blog atter that... It's the reason why I felt a little paranoid, this time ! believed they stroke again !!!! So, I've censored your comment... Sorry ! And as I've censored it, I can't publish it again ! So would you, please, send it once again for publishing ? I would have to verify who send things to me, before acting like this, but, at the same moment, Blogger had a bug and all my Sébastien Tellier's videos desappeared, just as some parts of my posts when Chineeses attacked !!!
So, I believed a new attack, and I've censored...
But, how did you discover my blog ? I'm very curious about this !!!
Sorry for my bad English, I've lurnt it at school a very long time ago... And I'm French... Nobody's perfect ! :-)
XXX from Outer Atlantic !!!
Paranoid Tinky :-)