Saturday, February 21, 2009

Escaped boat elludes police, news at 11

If you were attending the Seafood and Wine Festival in Newport Oregon today, you may have spotted a wild looking boat on a trailer. It had separated itself from the tow rig. The boat was laughing maniacally, while it wove in and out of traffic, without regard for the safety of others. Mrs. Slug spotted the scofflaw near the intersection of Highway 101 and Bay Street. She promptly notified the authorities using her trusty slugphone. The police set up a roadblock and successfully stopped the vehicle with a tack strip. A field sobriety test was performed and failed. The police called in Mr. Clampy for assistance, who placed a clamp on the rudder. The boat was arrested and housed at the Lincoln County Courthouse. Bail has been set at 250,000.00 and three crab rings full of live crabs, which shall be released back into the sea, along with the boat, when bail is posted.

1 comment:

tam said...

Holy Cow Mrs. Slug~Way 2 go calling for help like that!
Such a good citizen you are, and
Sooo much excitement! Hope the rest of your weekend will be fun too~Smiles~Tam!