Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Quit staring at me!

After Mr. and Mrs. Slug returned from their cruise vacation, Mr. Slug noticed that his tail had a tremendous itch. Dr. Sluggo looked at the angry welts on the tender tail and replied, "This is a serious case of taildermatosis. It may have been caused by sliding around without proper tail protection on the Lido Deck. It is a common condition when the tail is exposed to the abrasive salt air. See you again next Wednesday." However it happened, Mr. Slug is going to wear the collar without complaint until the tail heals, otherwise Dr Sluggo will have to encapsulate the offended dermis with a tail cast so that the tail can heal properly. How come fun always seems to have a high price?!


tam said...

Aww poor Mr. Slug!!! I hope his tail recovers quickly! Good thing he has a collar-but hey he could take a dip in the water and it would double as a floating device!
Hope all the sluggy's are having an awesome week!~Tam & Gang! :D

tam said...

YaY! Mr. and Mrs. Slug look great in the photo on your side bar-way cool! That just tickled me pink! :)
Thanks for makin my day Barb! We had such a great time visiting you guys! Emily woke up the next day saying come on grammy lets go to Barb's house it was pretty cute!
I have some great pics to send you-so be expecting an email soon...Love Ya! :0) Tam

lagirl said...

Sooooo, Mr Slug told you that story about his offending rash, and you BELIEVED him??? Stay far away from him till he finishes a round of penecillin. Ya here??

BTW, I'm thinking you might enjoy my Give-Away. Come by and check it out. It will give you something to do until Mr. Slug has the "all clear"!! LOL