Friday, February 27, 2009

Shake your tail feather!

Mrs. Slug walked in on her husband while he was perfecting the first of two wings he is designing for his frequent trips to LA. He does not really need them, as he has already booked a flight on his favorite commuter airline, SLUGAIR, who are enjoying a profit in the first quarter despite the economy. It seems that slugs everywhere are choosing to live it up and travel, after all, if the financial markets are no longer sailing, then flying around is the obvious thing to do when the economic outlook is downright sluggish! We're goin' to Disneyland! No, wait...we went there last time.......I think this trip we will go to the La Brea Tarpits and see the brand new giant Wooly Mammoth that was found at a construction site recently! Yeah!!! Large bowls of Pho soup for everyone! Taco truck, here we come! Griffith Park Merry Go Round, start your pipe organ! It's time to riiiiide!


tam said...

Oh That sounds sooo fun-lucky Slugs! Take photos please-I am so jealous it has been so long since I have been to the Tarpits! I love going to Alera St. and buying handmade leather goods!!! So many fun places to visit! Hope you guys have a safe trip and I know you will enjoy yourselves too! I love the advertiseent button for Apple Creek Cottage~Thank You!!! That is way too cool of you! Call when you return and lets catch up. Say hi to your brother Bob!Oh and of course if you get around to visiting with Janice give that girl a hug for me! Take care and look forward to talking to ya!Tam & Gang! :D

babbler said...

Hey Tam, remember when we went there (Olvera Street) on the school bus as kids and bought the pointy lollipops that are three colors? Do you also remember how some of the boys used them like swords? Those things hurt! I also remembr the strolling Mariachi bands and buying birthday pinatas. Ahhhh, youth....And yes, I will say hi to all for you, hoping to catch up with our favorite jazz singer Janice...maybe I can find out if she is performing and surprise her again! I love to sneak up on my pals during visits! I know, typical slug behavior. With that, I bid you a good evening, and a smooth slide through your weekend! Love, Mrs. Slug

Anonymous said...

You are so nuts!I am pretty old and I have not seen any sharper sense of humor.It is refreshing to me.