Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Eat broccoli for increased power and speed!

A couple of days ago, Mr. and Mrs. Slug were motivated to sweep the spiders out of the hull of the boat and take her for a spin around Olalla Lake, which is located delightfully close to Slug's Rest. The weather was perfect for a spirited paddling. Mr Slug saw a salamander underneath the surface of the water and jumped in so he could pet it on the back. He dove under the water and greeted Mr. Sally with a hearty hello and a wag of his tail. Just as he broke the surface of the water, Mrs. Slug had a spate of gaseous bodily fumes, exploding loudly in rapid succession, which she is prone to experience after eating a sumptuous lunch of broccoli and califlower florets, consumed greedily, also in rapid succession. You should have been there to see what happened next! The boat took off like a rocket and shot halfway across the lake! It is a good thing that Mr. Slug knows how to swim fast. Mrs. Slug was kind enough to throw her beloved a lifesaver. He ate it at once and climbed back into the boat. The afternoon concluded without further incident. The moral of this story is: "Too many greens mixed with the blue may require a maritime rescue!" or, "Don't take the boat after eating broccoli unless you are ready to rock and roll!


Anonymous said...

Power up das boot!Then pass the gas mask!!
--Das Boot (pronounced [das boːt], German for The Boat.

Jenny-Jenny said...

Funny! Hey...just want to say...Froggy! Over from Ryan Ashley and got a big kick out of the Slug Boat Story. Next time try Beano, it actually works very well, and that's coming from experience of revving up my bicycle engine!

Ryan Ashley Scott said...

I see Jenny-Jenny has returned the Froggy love. She is an excellent commenter, I must say.

Bee and Rose said...

That was hilarious! I'm so glad you came by to see me so I could meet you slugilicous sluggies!
(Do you wear sluggy snuggies?)

Anyhoo..thank you so much for hanging with me at my blog! I hope you don't mind if hang with you!

I apologize for my poor bloggy hostess manners. My computer crashed last week and was just returned on Monday.

LOVE your blog!

Analuz said...

ooh so cool and funny post. I enjoyed reading it. Have a nice day !