Saturday, June 27, 2009

"Trouble" does not need a formal invitation printed in gold leaf ink on watermarked onion skin parchment with a vellum insert.

You can start the day with the sun brightly shining, everything is good, and suddenly, you feel attacked!!! Were you unprepared? Caught off-guard? Unable to defend yourself? Mr. Slug would like everyone to remember to carry a hammer and don't be afraid to use it. Sometimes you don't even have to take the hammer out of the toolbelt if you know a pre-prepared, choice set of intelligently placed words which will stop your aggressor in his slug trail. Smile! Grin and wink as you make your delivery of the words, and watch in amazement as the antagonists back up, and slide away. Mr. Slug says, "It is not true that good guys finish last. I would like to think that the good guys are the last to be finished!"


Buskitten said...

Haha! I love the slugs armed with their hammers! They look like they could be trouble!

Owen said...

Wow, must be a sinking feeling to realize one is surrounded by mean-spirited slugs in bandanas and baseball caps, perhaps bearing switchblades or worse...

Funny, maybe that's why I've had this sinking feeling lately... with the summer weather here, the night-time slugs are out in force all around our house... we're SURROUNDED by SLUGS... arrrrggghhh...

Hope your story here was based on a real-life unpleasant encounter with slugs from the bad side of town...? Maybe Mr Slug should start carrying a salt spray cannister (similar to pepper spray that police use), because Slugs hate salt... ;-D

Owen said...

PS... ooops meant to write, "hope your story was not based on..."

Margaret Pangert said...

I love the idea of "smile, wink, and grin" as you say something calmly and confidently. Not showing anger or fear is a good thing. It immediately shows your superiority. It's nice to have slug backup, too. Who wants to go up against these out-of-town slugs alone?

babbler said...

Hey all you fellow slugs and sluggettes! Thanks for sliding in!
Slugs with hammers are a force to be reckoned with. Approach slowly, slide quietly. These are business slugs who mean business! The most dangerous kind!
Large numbers of neer-do-well slugs are everywhere, perhaps bearing switchblades, and worse - many are carrying cellphones and other dangerous devices able to assemble large groups of slimy slugs with the push of a button. If you have had a sinking feeling lately, you are not alone. The good weather brings out the aggressive slugs in large numbers, who take to the streets with boomboxes, playing loud music and overhydrating themselves into the wee hours of the night.
Mr. Slug is old fashioned when it comes to weaponry, he prefers his hammer, but perhaps he will dip it in salt as a visible deterrent to anyone who wants to get pushy. It was a hot summers evening and all through the house, not a creature was stirring............they were all outside sliding around in the garden, quiet as a mouse! Thanks for the inspiration!
Nobody should feel they have to go up against mean spirited out of town slugs without some back-up! If you have more than one slug winking, smiling and grinning at the attack slugs, they will certainly slink away without harming you or your buddies. There is no better deterrent to a lilly livered slug than the baring of teeth, or rasps in this case.

Thank you all for your kind and friendly comments! Much appreciated after all the excitement!