Monday, July 27, 2009

"A bat flew into my livingroom on Sunday night, and I flushed him out the front door with an umbrella, also known in London as a bumbershoot."

Mr. Lunchbox was feeling very antsy this morning due to the fact that he may have to unzip his zipperlip and be the Chairman of a Toastmasters meeting. Too many slugs at a Toastmasters and you have a seriously gooey situation indeed! Thank goodness there is a time limit for the speaker. Mr. Lunchbox has already decided that he shall step, or rather, hop in if the situation becomes a heated debate. No wonder they call the group Toastmasters!


Snowbrush said...

Did you know that here in Oregon, USA, we must surely have some of the biggest slugs in the world? They get to be maybe five inches long, and this means that you really, really don't want to step on one! Now, I'm sure that, to you, accidentally stepping on a slug would be the equivalent of manslaughter, but it's actually quite easy to do when one is walking through the woods, especially.

I follow another blog (KJ at "Options Associates," or something like that) that has a rabbit named Emily as an occasional contributor, so maybe you and she should get together, there not being all that many non-human bloggers.

babbler said...

So good to have you here at Slug's Rest! Can I get you a leaf? A cup of Green Tea?

Thanks for the heads up on the rabbit blog! I will be sure to slide on over and say howdy do! I will tell KJ that you sent me. I look forward to having a hop with Emily and her human friend.
As far as large slugs go, one of the largest I have ever seen was nesting out in the yard under an old roof tile. It must have been a pregnant slug because it was almost as wide as it was long, a monster sized slug with a handsome looking mantle. I gingerly replaced the roof tile and backed away carefully!

As far as stepping on a slug being manslaughter, accidents do happen, so I try to watch where I slide at all times, especially in the woods during the rainy season. A large slug could cause injury if you stepped on one and slipped. It has happened to me, but I was not hurt, only my pride, as I consider myself sort of an Ambassador to the slug world. They are not always treated with kindness, or awareness of the high intellect they possess!
Always a pleasure to visit with you,
Mr. and Mrs. Slug

Snowbrush said...

"So good to have you here at Slug's Rest!"

I've been here before. You've been to my blog as well and left kindly comments about my health.

"I will be sure to slide on over and say howdy do!"

Great! She is a favorite of mine, and I'll make finding her easy for you. She's at:

"A large slug could cause injury if you stepped on one and slipped."

Especially when jogging (you, not the slug). They don't call the ones around here banana slugs for nothing.

Owen said...

Hmmm, I wonder what slugs at a Toastmasters meeting might discuss for topics ? Maybe something like :

"Sluggers of the world, UNITE !" ?

And one voice in the back of the hall said, "You keep that up, and you're toast !", before sliding out quickly before any one could identify him...

I am happy to see here confirmation that slugs, contrary to popular belief, do have a high level of intellect. Not many people know that some slug authors have been widely read indeed, one of my favorites, for example, by an Oregon slug author was, "One Slid Over the Cuckoo's Nest".

Cheers !

Snowbrush said...

"Not many people know that some slug authors have been widely read"

Don't forget the stories of slugs racing ashore under enemy fire during WWII.

babbler said...

Oh dear! It seems that I may have slid over my own tail! My Toastmaster skills certainly are rusty, I meant to say, "So good to see you again here at Slug's Rest!" I will still offer you a bite of leaf unless you have just brushed your rasp.

And no, I have not forgotten you, I enjoy your blog and encourage all my slug friends to slide on over to visit you. I am about to take a field trip over to KJ's place too. Of course I will be very careful while enroute, I am traveling through the rainforests of Oregon, and today is a very foggy day here at the coast.

By the way, we seem to have more of the dark colored spotted slugs in the woods here - when I see a yellow one I am always so pleased to find it! I would expect that the slugs racing ashore under enemy fire in WWII were wearing the dark colored spots for camoflage.

Thanks again for your comments, enjoy your slide through the day!
Mrs. Slug

babbler said...


A possible topic for a Toastmaster slug might be, "Crossing the slug tracks of success: A Sliders guide to greatness starts with a good dollop of goo."

Another might go like this...."Cross a hot parking lot with caution, if it is a very hot day, it is not your asphalt."

Hark, I hear a voice coming from the back of the hall.

"Hey you sluggy, you are running out of time - wrap it up and let someone else speak, or forever hold your goo."

Wow. Rough crowd. Good thing that slug slid out of there unnoticed, or HE might be toast!

Mrs. Slug

kj said...

dear mrs. slug,
it's me, emily. i am stopping by to tell you that i think kj was impressed that you came to her blog today and when i told her it was because of me she didn't disagree so that is good because maybe she will pay me extra money this week for writing my wednesday story. just so you know, i really don't like slugs because they are too slippery and normally not very talkative or interesting but i am going to like you if you want me too.

and thank you to mr. snowbrush. i like him even when he is grumpy.

yours truly,
emily rabbit

kj said...

come back to my place, mrs. slug.
i have an invitation for you.

Margaret Pangert said...

Toastmasters has served you well, Mrs. Slug, with your whirl of social invitations! you'll soon be needing my flowers and veggies again for refreshments! I hope Mr. Lunchbox didn't stir up any trouble at the meeting; as I recall he has a short fuse.
Do you happen to have a fireplace? I think a bat's radar would tell it to go up the chimney. However, the bumbershoot was very efficacious! LOVE xxox