Monday, July 20, 2009

Mr. Lunchbox takes his job rather seriously!

There is nothing worse than being upset about something, and having your hissy fit fall on deaf, or in this case, sleeping and unhearing ears. Mr. Lunchbox is an early riser and does not take kindly to folks who tamper with his morning routine. He knew there might be a problem when he heard the sounds of slugs singing and playing music, (tickling the ivories to be exact) into the wee hours of the night. The next time he hears Mr. and Mrs. Slug having too much fun at his expense, Mr. Lunchbox will call the authorities and have the scofflaws thrown in the slammer for disturbing the peace, along with the "willful destruction" of his precious and fragile peanut butter sandwiches! I can hear the sirens in the distance! Slide! Slide for your lives!
Henceforth, Mrs. Slug offers this slice of advice:
Stay clear of Mr. Lunchbox today, as he is in no mood to be trifled with.


Amanda said...

glad you had fun playing the piano and singing together. I wish my husband and I had similar interests like that.

Owen said...

Well, I guess it's a good thing that slugs can slide faster than most lunchboxes imagine, and can slip into crevices under ovens or refrigerators (a bit like cockroaches) that a lunch box could only in his wildest dreams imagine entering. (Unless, of course, he happens to be a transforming type of lunchbox that can flatten himself to less than half an inch think while growing centipede-like legs?). Yes indeed, slugs singing Cole Porter tunes at two in the morning is definitely a problem for any respectable lunchbox.

So, why was someone's tail sticky ??? Was there maybe a patch of grape jelly spilled on the floor from the sandwich making that someone slid through in their hurry ???

Margaret Pangert said...

Piano and singing! Sounds like a lovele party! Maybe next time the Slugs could have the party a bit earlier, invite Mr. Lunchbox, and use his lunch box for a drum!
*p.s. That really is a lovely idea for a party.

babbler said...

Thanks for your kind response! It is not that my husband and I have similar interests, I just force him to play piano with the tip of his tail while I sing along. He really does not have a choice in the matter! Thankfully he is OK with that. Slugs usually "slide with the flow."

I can see it now.....groups of slugs assemble for drum circle parties around the unwilling Mr. Lunchbox! What a wild scene! Mrs. Slug would be using two servings of individually packed string cheese as drumsticks while Mr. Lunchbox cowers under the rhythmic tribal beats! That would keep him under control! Thanks for your delightful and helpful comment. I will draw up the invitations at once!

Thanks again to all who care enough to send the very best comments, they are enjoyed and savored by all of our slug readership. Keep up the good slide!

Now I will address the most complicated and intricate comment we have received to date:

Mr Lunchbox is made of a flexible cloth, capable of squeezing into a much smaller space than his expanded size. As long as he removes the contents of the lunch, he could probably follow a slug under the crevices. Very frightening though, eh? Can you imagine the horror of seeing 'ol zipperlips hot on your tail? Mr. Lunchbox was intrigued with you transformer idea of growing centipede-like legs under him. He has consulted a lab technician to help with the details, much to the chagrin of Mr. Slug, who, incidentally, has the song "Love for sale" stuck in his head worse than the time he had "Bad Bad Leroy Brown" in his head for over two weeks. He might have to see a professional to get rid of it.

As to the sticky tail, you are spot on, Sir. The culprit is indeed a messy patch of jelly, glopped on the floor, although the flavor was spilled from a fine jar of Oregon Marionberry, not Grape.

Once again, it is always a pleasure to know that you are attentive to the trials, gooey trails and tribulations of the slug world. Mr. and Mrs. Slug acknowledge your prowess on all subjects Slug, and give a smiling flick of the tail in your general direction!

Love from Mr. and Mrs. Slug xoxox

Owen said...

oh dear ! tears of joy and laughter are running down my cheeks... never, but never in my life have any slugs flicked their tail in my general direction ! And I'll no doubt be having nightmares about being chased by old Zipperlips under kitchen appliances !

I came late to the blogging world, and had no idea what I'd find here, but am realizing that moments like these, reading your sparking reply here, are the best there are... and I thank you for that :-D :-D :-D

Owen said...

PS it could be that my attentiveness to the gooey trails of slug existence is due to having been a slug in a previous incarnation ???

Margaret Pangert said...

Dear Mrs. Slug~ You are just too funny! I like the idea of a wild drumming party! The slugs could also use their antennae as rhythm instruments to accompany the drumming and the piano! Of course, my husband, Mr. Panpipes, says they should be asked to bring their favorite food: melon, the leaves from flowers, and other backyard favorites! and peanut butter and Marionberry jelly for Mr. Lunchbox. Party hearty! LOVE xxox

babbler said...

Let the festival begin! Orange marmalade for everybody! I can hear the sound of the steel drums in the distance......the slugs antennae are playing our song! You made me laugh out loud with your fun comment! Keep up the good slide, xoxoxoxox
Love Mrs. Slug

babbler said...

Lest I forget to acknowledge your last comment...I am quite sure that you are a slug in this existence! Welcome Brother! I was laughing when I read that you might be having nightmares of being chased by 'Ol Zipperlips! Look Out!!!
Mrs. Slug