Monday, November 9, 2009

Mine! All Mine! Not Yours! MINE!!!!!!!!

Mrs. Slug was surprised by this very inventive artwork created by her foreign exchange student slug from Italy. His name is Slugvano. He is very artistic and wishes to be an slugitect. I know he will someday build a very tall structure and call it Slug Towers.
As you can see, I dream in vivid Technicolor. I am very greedy when it comes to my wheeled conveyance, especially if it is MY dream.
You see, every time we pass one of these fine vehicles out on the road, I say to my young charge, "Look, they are driving MY car!"
Alas, it is no wonder that Slugvano has created this most wonderful depiction of me, Mrs. Slug, in my natural greedy and materialistic it should be! No drinks or hard shell tacos in my car!
(I hope the alarm clock does not wake me up before I go through the car wash and have the "Carnuba Wax Applied When Flashing"....)
I hope you have enjoyed this unusual diversion from your normal slug fare. There are more surprises ahead.
Stay tuned for the next exciting episode! This outta keep you slugs on the tips of your tails, eh?


Owen said...

Yes ! Sexy slugs on leather seats ! Wow, you really know how to get our attention out here in the sphere...

And I'm sure you deserve the car of your not-so-sluggish dreams, ahhh, maybe if you can get just another hour of sleep you'll find yourself kissing a toad and seeing it transform itself into a fabulous sluggite knight, who will swing you up by your tail onto his white charger, and whisk you off to the Rolls Royce Bentley dealer, telling you to pick whichever you like ! And then you can drive off into the sunset while sipping champagne... and Cole Porter on the stereo...

My you do have some vivid dreams for a bonneted slug... and may they all come true !

FCW said...

A decidedly unsluggish mode of conveyance but perhaps it can be adapted to leave little silver dots to mark its passage.

babbler said...

This sounds just like the night that I was swept off my tail by my precius Mr. Slug! The Cole Porter was on the radio, the empty champagne bottle rolling on it's side, satisfied that it had done its job. I tightened my bonnet around my mantle and sped off into the sunset as you describe, Mr. Slug at my side, aptly wearing a sly and knowing smile!
Thanks for your technicolor comment!

babbler said...

I agree with you, the slug has the finest and most effective mode of conveyance, humans could learn a thing or two about the proper way to slide. However, as sleds go, Mrs. Slug prefers a vehicle in which to pile a heap of her fabulous and most fashionable slug friends into for a ride along the Oregon coast, wind in our optical tentacles, tail to the metal! The little silver dots package can be purchased at an extra charge, but it is a small price to pay if you feel you have deserved it. Mrs. Slug says, "Luxury is never expensive if it is for your enjoyment, and you find you cannot live without it."
Thank you kind Sir for your most astute observation! We look forward to seeing you here again at Slug's Rest for another ride in the car! Wheeeee!