Saturday, March 14, 2009

Try a little tenderness

All of that work on the new driveway has been taking its toll on Mr. Slug this week, and he does not seem to be getting the sympathy that he would like from his peers. Even though the driveway is smoother, the highway is a dangerously uncomfortable slide this time of year. You really need to watch your sliding. Anything can happen! A gravel rock can hit you right in the snout when the traffic passes! As the winter wears on, it just gets worse. The road bed is so rough that Mr. Slug needs a heavy steel plate to strap on his belly to keep from getting scraped. The steel plate that Mr. Slug slides on has been ruined from too many highway miles, and is proving to be ineffective protection from the rough road. Good thing Mr. Slug has his Mrs. Slug to comfort him and rub salves and ungents into his tender dermis!


Sara said...

Thank you for your comment, Mrs Slug!

Your napkins are really adorable!!!

tam said...

Awww you are the awesomest wifey Mr. Slug is a very Lucky Man! :)

lagirl said...

Poor Mr. Slug needs a Kiss and some more Icy Hot!

Eliakim Littell said...

Mrs. Slug, I feel that perhaps we have met somewhere before. Perhaps you summer in The Berkshires or maybe on the Barrier Islands off the coast of Virginia?
I will keep your sliminess in mind when I walk the Mongolian Steppe and I will watch where I put my feet so as not to disturb any of your relatives from the Orient.
Have you ever heard of the band Love Slug?

Eliakim Littell said...

I wasn't kidding about the band! They were pretty good, too.

tam said...

Hey you Sluggies-I just popped in to say I hope you two did a fine Ole Jig and possibly drank something green today?!?! Happy St. Patty's Day to Ya! ~Hugs N Smiles~from Tam and the gang!!! ;D