Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Looking slick is easy if you are a slug.

Mr. and Mrs. Slug have had a banner week! They have both received phone calls which will attract extra dollars toward the household pocketbook. Mrs. Slug pointed out to Mr. Slug that without a pocket to put it in, he may misplace his pocketbook, and thereby lose his ability to add to his earnings accordingly. Additionally, a slick business slug must remain fashionable in the workplace. Mrs. Slug pointed out to her dashing and debonaire beloved husband that "we live in an image driven world." Thus, sliding oneself around in ill fitting, tattered work clothing will not attract new business, nor will it keep that delicate belly of his protected at the job site. Mrs. Slug loves to shop with coupons! With the prudent snipping of said coupons, she was able to save even more than half off of the price of Mr. Slug's new work attire. Today, we shall follow the financial advice of Mrs. Slug: "Good business decisions start with protecting one's tail, looking your best everywhere you slide, and having those handy coupons at the checkout counter every time you venture out to do some shopping. Grandma slug always used to say, "A penny that is not saved is a penny burned." Or, as Mr. Slug so aptly chimed in as to have the last word on the subject, "More saving equals less slaving."

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Working on Memorial Day weekend blows chunks

Mr. Slug had big plans to entertain a few of his friends on his boat over the Memorial Day Weekend until he read an inter office memo that stated "All slugs shall report to work on Memorial Day Weekend - No Exceptions." Visions of a nice barbeque near the water with the sounds of clinking glasses with festive beverages faded from his mind. In place of these wonderful images were scenes of slugs all chained together on the side of the road with shovels and a mean looking boss wearing mirrored sunglasses holding a bullwhip. At least there are still sick days if you are well enough to enjoy them!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Public displays of the seriously affected

Being independently employed, Mr. Slug understands the importance of a good cash flow. Mr. Slug is not afraid to "Get into the trenches" and work hard to keep a nice pile of working capital available to keep his own business up and running. These are hard times indeed. Top executives all over the country have had to take off their ties (and lampshades) to work an extra job so that they can continue to keep their companies afloat. Mr. Slug knows that if he keeps a cool head he should be able to weather through the financial storm with the extra money he makes on the weekend.
There is, however, a limit to what a slug can take. Too bad Mr. Slug can't verbalize his thoughts or he would get fired. He is likely to be thinking, "If I have to pull over, your ride is over! You can all slide to the airport on your bellies for all I care!" But no, he cannot say those things. He loves his other job too much. Being the responsible executive that he is, Mr. Slug has an imaginary clamp firmly affixed to his tounge at all times. So, without further ado, Mr. Slug shall give you his business tip of the week: "Think as much as you want, but say as little as possible. Resist the urge to purge."

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Now I know you have lost it. Check please.

Many times Mr. Slug has said to himself, "I am the luckiest slug in the world. I have a loving and slippery wife, a green froggy pet and a strong belly to slide upon through my day. If I went to a casino and put my money on a blackjack table, I wonder if my luck would hold?"
It is times like this that one should seek the help of a professional. The question is, how would you go about finding a genie? Mrs. Slug tried to find one listed in the phone book, but it says "See Fortune Teller." So what did Mr. Slug do, you ask? He did what any business slug would do in his position, he went out to play a round of golf and ask if anybody on the practice putting green knew a good luck Genie in our local Chamber of Commerce. A calling card for a reputable Genie was quickly procured and the Genie contacted immediately for an afternoon appointment. Mr. Slug ordered up three wishes and sped off toward home. He was pulled over by a nice officer of the law who let him go with a warning. He had two wishes left, so he made a u-turn and headed for the casino. The parking lot was full, so he wished for a parking spot, and found one quickly. With his one remaining wish, he slid over to the blackjack table and placed his bet. After an hour, Mr. Slug stepped away from the table with enough money to buy Mrs. Slug a new Ab Roller. Mrs. Slug used the device and became a lean mean sliding machine. She was nominated for Slug of the Year and attended an awards banquet where she received a trophy. This made Mrs. Slug squeal with delight. She stepped up to the microphone and said, "I could not have done this without the love and support of my dear husband, Mr. Slug....and of course, a little bit of luck mixed in." The moral to this story is that "Even if you were to buy yourself some good luck, nothing happens without hard work and creative thinking."