Monday, December 8, 2008

Introducing the Notorious Mr. Lunchbag! "You can call him "Sir."

Way back in Mr. Slug's past is an old lunch pal, "The Notorious Mr. Lunchbag." He was replaced by another seemingly more stable worker, Mr. LunchBOX (that still remains to be seen...) and left the jobsite one day, crumpled and angry.
Mr. Slug tried to make amends by insisting that the management make an effort to hire him when the new guy, Mr. LunchBOX had a day off. If the new guy, Mr. LunchBOX, shows up tardy or hung over, notorious Mr. Lunchbag is right there to pick up the slack. Apparently, he can only be tolerated in short spurts. The notorious Mr. Lunchbag was originally let go due to a "personality conflict." The general consensus among his co-workers is that he simply needed to clean up his colorful vocabulary around the boss! Stay tuned as the drama unfolds!

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tam said...

I am not sure what to think about "Sir" Lunchbag...hhhmmm