Tuesday, December 16, 2008

It's beginning to look alot like Slugs Rest

It may be bitter cold, but the sun was high in the sky today, helping to slowly thaw the icy roads, thus helping the belly of a slug to slide freely and safely. No need for tire chains for these happy slugs! The weather forcast is for more rain, sleet and snow in the next few days, so I urge my fellow drivers to be careful while driving this week, and watch for cross country skiers, the occaisional diehard mountain bike rider, and packs of renegade sliding slugs.


tam said...

OOO isn't it magical when the snow sparkles like that? Love it! And how cute does your house look!
~Tam :D

Kelly said...

Thanks so much for your comments :) It's nice to hear from others in the blog word. I will add you as one of my favorites if that is ok :)


Eva-Genevieve! said...

I have got to say I love your cartoons - this stuff is way too cool! I am still laughing. I will be back by again soon.

Thanks for stopping by my blog too.

Valerie said...

Hey I wanted to stop by and thank you for stoppying by my blog. lol I hope you'll be back. I know I will. I love your drawings.

Rae Ann said...

Hey! I'm visiting from BSU. I love your cartoons. Do you come up with one every day? The pressure! I just had to visit a blog with "Slug" in the title.