Sunday, December 14, 2008

Mighty fine weather we're having!

I had to dig this sopping wet slug from the collection to show you that the wet weather is having an effect on Mr. Slug, who believes that having the right gear is essential. If you were to go to England, you would use a "bumbershoot" and not an umbrella, also called a "Ballella" in the USA.

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Gladys said...

Dear Mrs. Slug aka Babbler. Thank you so much for your CUI (commenting under the influence). I love hearing from new readers. I started reading your blog but had to go get a cup of coffee because I spewed the last one out my nose and all over my keyboard. I will return to the further adventures of the potato cannon firing Slugs as soon as a new pot of Java is brewed.

I used to color all over my childrens lunch bags much to their chargrin. I have also been known to slip a teeny tony thong into Kahuna's lunch pail from time to time just to see if he will mention it. I'm sneaky that way.:)

Again thanks for the visit and I'll be reading you. :)