Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Silvery sparkly slug trails mark the spot!

House guests are a normal part of the holiday season. There was, however, one member of the Slugs Rest household that was not terribly fond of our visitors all night antics! It seems that the common garden slug enjoys the flavor of Purina Cat Chow. Mr. Shiva the cat will stand next to his bowl and whine when they are present. We heard him meowing.......We went to see what was the matter......The evidence was clear! There were silvery trails of slug goo all over his bowl! Someone call the cops! Next time we will give the cat fair warning when we decide to throw a shindig.


Cherrie said...

Thank you for the words of encouragement on my job search!

tam said...

Hi Barb and Ted-I mean Mr. and Mrs. Sluggy!
I loved the festive party hats!
~Tam :D!

Cynthia said...

We have the same sluggy problem at our house. THey SSSSSLide in under the back door and then take up residence in the pet food bags.

Lovely when you dive your hand in there and hit one!!